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Wenzhou DiAn Pet is an integrated company of industry and trade, we are specialized in dog and cat products since 2014. Our factory Wenzhou Feiheng Pet was found in 2018. Our product category covers a wide range of pet products.


New Products

The Wonderful Journey of Cat litter Mats

If you have a cat and want to be a happy pooper, it's time to invest in a beautiful and soft cat litter mat and enjoy some of its amazing benefits, which will bring you a feeling of value for money.

Washable Hygiene Mat,Make cleaning easy

Made of highly absorbent materials, it can quickly absorb dog urine, keep the surface dry, and keep your pet's feet clean and comfortable. In addition to being convenient for cleaning, it is also made of environmentally friendly materials, which are very safe for pets and the environment. Secondly, it can effectively prevent the spread of urine and odors, keeping your home environment fresh and hygienic.

Lick Mat,Let pets settle down

During the process of licking a pet's food mat, endorphin skin is secreted, which helps the pet stabilize and calm down. The obstacles on the licking mat can scrape off the pet's tongue coating, which is beneficial for the pet's oral health and can also slow down the speed of eating.

Pet Splash Toy-Refreshing appearance

Entering the dog days, the temperature is getting higher and higher, and the cats and dogs at home are too hot to feel energetic, looking lethargic all day long. A cooling toy that allows Mao children to have a comfortable summer.

Pet Thermal Mat,Let pets have a beautiful dream

Winter has arrived, and pets also need warm companionship. Pet warm mats create a cozy little world for babies. Soft and comfortable fabric, tightly woven,with good warmth retention, allowing pets to sleep soundly. Not only suitable for dogs, but also for cute cats. This winter, let pets feel meticulous care.


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